Virus Terminator(antivirus)

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Описание Virus Terminator(antivirus)

Virus terminator is specifically guest studio r&d of professional level Android mobile intelligent antivirus safe software, this antivirus technology leading international, independent of the kernel viruses and trojans analysis technology, is currently the only can enter bottom Android security mechanism of mobile phone antivirus software, the technical safe will overtake on market at present any one particular Android mobile antivirus products, research and development team core personnel from silicon valley USA, Russia and Israel in countries such as mobile security experts. Our tenet is "all user as the center", Commitment three permanent: permanent free, permanent no advertising, permanent free provide professional level antivirus upgrade services.
This safe software is the best antivirus and virus protection safe.It can cure various mobile phone viruses, suck fee, malicious, trojans, privacy steal, and other illegal procedure, real-time monitoring, scanning, interception, killing Android platform for the latest virus, with root permissions users can also offer senior bottom Android security mechanism of antivirus service.
It uses minimum battery, and alerts you when virus, malware or spyware is detected. This app will protect your mobile network, whenever you play with your mobile pet or mobile TV.It's easier to use than the avg antivirus, faster than lookout and lighter on your battery than anything else!
Antivirus & Security:
Full scan to block viruses, malware, spyware.
Real-time protection to protect you from viruses, malware and spyware on your device.
Viruse database update ensures you get protected from viruses, malware, Trojan, spyware and other mobile security threats.
anti-virus safe virus protection security antivirus Free

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Версия APK 1.13
Совместимость Android 1.5+ (Cupcake)